Sterility Media

bioMérieux offers a full range of culture media and rinse solutions for traditional sterility testing.  Our bottles and tubes are available in many configurations such as traditional serum bottles with septa, screw tops, combination screw top/septum and wide-mouth bottles.  Many of our media and rinse solutions are available with individual removable outer wraps.  Our new cleanroom sterility testing bottles are packed in a non-shedding plastic box, double wrapped and sterilized with ethylene oxide, making them well-suited for use in an isolator.

bioMérieux, ready to use media are:

  • In compliance with current standards and pharmacopoeia
  • Performing at least as expected specifications
  • Validated and tested in their applications (detection, enumeration)
  • Designed to withstand adverse storage and transport conditions
  • Tested for you at each stage of their production