Media Fill Test

Media Fill Challenge Tests (MFT) are required to demonstrate both competence of compounding personnel’s aseptic technique and robustness of processes necessary to produce CSPs under the most challenging conditions.

Incorrect reading of the MFT results can put your facility at risk and accurate reading can be challenging without highly qualified technicians to interpret results.  To add a supplemental level of safety to reading the MFT, bioMérieux has developed a dehydrated  culture medium containing a unique color indicator which changes color in the presence of contamination.

The dehydrated MFT medium is available in vegetable peptone based formats, both with and without the color indicator, as well as a traditional animal peptone variant.  Both formulations are designed for the highest performance and comply to the requirements of American, Japanese and European Pharmacopoeias for the growth of non-fastidious micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi and certain anaerobic bacteria).

We also offer a full complement of traditional pre-prepared liquid culture media for the MFT.